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Roch Enterprise was Founded in 2015 by Nicholas Roch. After years of doing work on the side while working full time he knew it was time to take it full scale and brought along his brother Jon who is a reservist in the Army. Roch Enterprise is family run and operated. Nick bids each project himself.  You’ll still find him on every job completing the work with a skilled crew. With a vast wealth of knowledge in concrete, epoxy and general construction he strives to be a one stop shop to make projects seamless for his customers. He is committed to his customers and provides attention to detail most contractors overlook.

Roch Enterprise completes their projects with a modern, updated fleet of trucks and equipment.  With construction technology quickly changing, they strive to keep up with the latest methods by upgrading equipment and continuing education. Roch Enterprise is not the largest contractor in the area, but they have earned the reputation of being one of the best.  With Nick's hands on approach and attention to detail, you can expect your project to be completed right the first time.  Every job is completed efficiently and safely with quality workmanship.

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